Videos with music written, performed and arranged by yours truly:

Demo Reel: Edited by Adam Pike.

Music for something a little ominous, a little triply, a little eastern, set to a slide show of Marrakesh.
I wrote the music for this trailer for a class I took through an online company called Seawolf.

A pair of commercials, both of which were super sweet to score, cause I got to do musical styles that I'd never done before.

I did all the music for this series, which in this first episode is just the opening theme and then the end credits theme at 9:20

Videos with music arranged and produced by this guy right here:

This is a music video for a song called "Zombie Fred" written by Tatyana Dobrowolski. Tatyana wrote the song and I arranged and engineered it. I play all the instruments except for the voice and piano.

Another Vita Bella Episode, the final one in fact. If you skip to 5:40 you'll find the final song for the closing montage which was probably the most fun music that I got to do for this episode. This song was written by Martin Fietciewicz and then arranged by me with the lovely Tatyana Dobrowolski singing. The song was engineered by Mike Southworth who also contributed the trumpet at the end as well the drum tracks I believe. It was a while ago so it is sort of hard to remember.