Wednesday 24 April 2013

Catch Up Time

Haven't been posting news since I started this website, so here is the big catch up.

March 2013: 

March was a busy month, so seems like a good place to start. I spent most of the month scoring a VFS grad project called The Guardian of the True Cross. An epic adventure story of the Indiana Jones lineage. I had a blast writing this music as I hadn't had a chance to do much big, epic, orchestral scoring before.  

In between scoring days I also managed to be a part of putting together a submission for The Big Rock Eddies 2013, which involved creating a beer commercial for a contest that Big Rock Beer puts on every year. I did the music for the commercial but I also helped on set, doing the on set sound and just basic grunt work of all kinds. We turned a friends living room into a campsite set. Her living room will probably never smell the same again. We burned a lot of incense and fire starters in there.

April 2013:

So far April has been slightly less busy than March. The month started with making the deadlines for both the VFS film score and the submission deadline for the Big Rock beer commercial. Last week I had a chance to see a screening of The Guardian of the True Cross down at the Vancity Theatre. It was  another exciting first. It's epic getting to hear your music on a phat theatre sound system. It was wonderfully thunderous. 

Just today we found out that our Big Rock beer commercial made it into the top 18 from which they pick the top three choices. Apparently there were 90 submissions, so I think that makes everyone feel pretty good. I don't know when we find out the final results but I will post it win or not.

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